Entrepreneurship and a better world

At Novaware we get our energy from helping other companies and organizations who make the world a little better. Once we discovered this, we thought we would have to do more with the 'world improver' within us.

Entrepreneurship and a better world

Corporate Social Responsibility they call it sometimes. What matters is that as a company we would like to get involved and participate in making the world a better place. To make a difference!

How do we make a difference? We don't yell in the streets that the world is coming to an end and then call it a day. Or demonstrate in the streets for more rights for whoever. We just do what we are good at: build web applications, websites, intranets and work on online goals for our clients which make the world a happier place. A world in which everything is better divided and an earth our grandchildren can inherit. Our solutions help our clients to really make a difference. To reach their goals and to reach their target group in a more effective way. 

We think it is important to be involved in what the client wants to achieve. We try to get to know our customer as good as possible. That is why we like to get an 'internship' before and during projects. In that way we can experience what the challenges of the clients are. As a result we come up with original and effective solutions.

Our contribution

As said in our mission statement, we would like to contribute building the economy of tomorrow, considering people and our planet. Our way of doing this is to support multiple associations and organizations. Sometimes even by developing free of charge. 

The following examples are given.

Supporting non-profitorganizations

  • For the Openluchtbad Zwolle, an organization who is ran by several volunteers, we developed a new system for registration, acces and monitoring for free! We worked on a sustainable way of passes and acces control.  
  • We gratuitously developed an app for Volandis in which people who are working in the construction sector can easily ask questions about a sustainable employability. 
  • We are a great contribution to the community of DUUG (Dutch Umbraco User Group). 

Our team

As a team we try to make a difference as well. For example in the way we communicate with each other. We like to invest in sharing our knowledge by hiring interns. In addition we participate in running contests, we stimulate colleagues to cycle or to take public transport to work, a masseuse comes by regularly and employees can exchange thoughts with a nutrition coach.

We pay attention to the balance and health of the team. By coaching in original and active ways, e.g. boxing coaching, we try to get the best from our people.