What we do at Novaware

Novaware specializes in creating successful websites, applications and online solutions. We are not only concerned with technology; we offer our customers an extensive set of marketing services and creation.

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    Umbraco CMS

    Umbraco is a content management system (CMS) built on Microsoft .Net technology. Umbraco can be ordered fully as desired and linked to existing system within your company. Umbraco is fast and easygoing in managing and does not know any restrictions in graphic design choices.

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    Smart web applications

    Novaware is specialized in smart web applications. For instance in an online calculation tool or an application with information about sustainable employability of employees.

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    About 80 percent of the intranet-initiatives fail. That is a huge waste of time, energy and money! Because a good developed and maintained intranet has a huge potential. Novaware helps at the realization of a secure and social environment that suits the goals of your organization and your employees.

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    Online Marketing

    Novaware creates websites and builds online solutions. But ultimately a website is a means of reaching target groups and achieving predefined goals.

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    Novaware used to think in only technical solutions, but that time is over. Over the years we have grown to a bureau with a broad knowledge of the online market. Of course we still carry out those good technical solutions, but now we do a lot more. Like creation.

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