Data Analysis

Data can add a lot of value, but usually not as raw data. From data to information to insights. That is where Novaware loves to help you.

We measure the behaviour of visitors of a website or users of an application by means of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We get a lot of information from this collection of data. It is important to ask the right questions before we get started with this information. Without this structuring it becomes a jungle of information in which the most important insights may be lost.

We configure the insights based on these questions and data. We choose the best solution depending on the questions and the correct portal. On one occasion these are mainly composite dashboards in Google Analytics. On another occasion a weekly report from Google Data Studio is better. And yet another time we come to a data visualization in a BI product, such as PowerBI, Tableau, or Qlik. 

Sometimes it is interesting to link different data sources. In that case we first create a data plan in which we look at the questions, goal, data sources, etc.

A common goal of data insights is optimizing processes or (online) applications / websites. Improvements emerge from the insights. By means of A / B testing we thus achieve ever better products that move with time.

Automating processes or telling what has been achieved are also possible goals that can be achieved with data.