Online Marketing

Novaware creates websites and builds online solutions. But ultimately a website is a means of reaching target groups and achieving predefined goals.

Digital marketing at Novaware

There is a lot more to it than only offering a technical solution. Fortunately Novaware is not only a good business partner when technology is concerned; our company also offers full service in online marketing.

We like to visit you to support you with an extensive set of marketing services. Together we create a strategic growth plan to make your online presence a success.


A nice website does not necessarily mean a high position in the search results. With our SEO packages you can make sure that you will significantly improve your ranking on the search engines. We will be working hard on your website’s on pageî and off page factors. The Website Audit is included in every package.


In addition to organic results it is interesting to also generate visits through paid ads. We offer packages based on a fixed rate per month. This monthly rate consists partly of costs related to clicks and partly of costs related to optimization. The setup costs are calculated separately.

Analytics & Metrics

“To measure is to know” is a well known quote. But measuring does not necessarily mean knowing everything. Take maintaining statistics of a website for example. With Google Analytics you can measure all sorts of things. You can see how many visitors your site gets, how long those visitors stay on your website, what pages they are viewing, and so on. But it will only be interesting if numbers get relevance.

Novaware helps to interpret all data. Together we establish the KPIs of your website and start with setting and measuring goals so that you get a clear insight in conversion. For your convenience we set up dashboards so that you can see how you fare at once.

Of course we regularly report, make recommendations, and offer suggestions.