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Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is a content management system (CMS) built on Microsoft .Net technology. Umbraco can be ordered fully as desired and linked to existing system within your company. Umbraco is fast and easygoing in managing and does not know any restrictions in graphic design choices.

For simple and extended websites

Umbraco is easily scalable. An Umbraco-website can differ from a simple website, managed by one person, till an extended website with more than a thousand users and a couple of managers with complex workflows.

Managing by Word-editor

Umbraco is a user friendly CMS. By default, Umbraco is equipped with an extensive text-editor and provides support for Microsoft Word. It is easy to use several kinds of media in Umbraco thanks to the media library and multilingual websites are not a problem.


Umbraco provides lots of possibilities:

  • Maniging pages
  • Using pictures and videos 
  • News-items
  • Agenda-items / activities
  • Blog
  • Forms (set up by yourself)
  • Photo albums 
  • Extensive usermanagement
  • Campaigns
  • E-commerce / webshops
  • Intranets
  • Customer portals
  • Statistics (by Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics)
  • Links to other systems

In addition Umbraco can be extended with modules. These are available via the Umbraco Community and can be custom-developed.

Umbraco Gold Partner

A good technical solution lies at the basis of a successful online presence. At Novaware we believe that Umbraco CMS provides that technical solution. As Gold Partner we work closely with Umbraco HQ to come up with solutions which meet the highest standards. 

We will be happy if someone is experiencing fun in working with Umbraco. Hence our slogan is 'Umbraco Hapiness!' We educate developers and marketeers to get the best out of Umbraco. We are the official training partner of Umbraco CMS in the Benelux. 

We plan, design and deliver websites according to the Scrum method. Therefore we are fast, efficient and flexible.