LUMC Boerhaave Continuing Education

The medical and care sector is developing at a rapid pace. Lifelong learning is a logical consequence for medical and care professionals. Novaware has developed a website where professionals can easily register for accredited continuing education courses.

Course offerings by Boerhaave

Boerhaave Continuing Education is for medical and care professionals who are always continuing to learn. As part of the Leiden University Medical Center, Boerhaave has the core task of providing continuing education to, for example, general practitioners and nurse specialists. This is an important task, as it keeps the Dutch healthcare up-to-date.

The website features a content section where (future) students can find courses and get more information about Boerhaave. Different content can be managed, modified or added within the CMS. The solid integration with the CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics 365, is complex. The data within this system is made available to the Boerhaave portal through integration. Thereby, making it visible on the website.

For this project, we worked closely with Bend. Bend is a Microsoft Dynamics expert with extensive experience in implementing various CRM systems.

SEO and integrations

As a content editor, you have less freedom in terms of content management and adding metadata since a lot of data is automatically transferred from a CRM system to the CMS system. Of course, this is something you want to avoid. By offering the ability to edit browser titles and metadata in the CMS, we returned that freedom to the content editor. This way, Boerhaave can influence how search engine results, such as those on Google, appear.

Course offerings by Boerhaave

Efficient work through a solid CRM integration

As a lot of data is updated in a central location within the CRM system, this saves a lot of work in terms of content management. An automated synchronization takes place every night, updating the data on the website from the CRM. However, sometimes you want to be able to update data in the meantime. For example, when course dates or locations change. That's why the editor also has the ability to manually initiate a synchronization from the back office.

LUMC Boerhaave Continuing Education

Besides course information, data on sessions, locations, speakers, and products also come from the CRM system. To enable course bookings, we set up a registration process and we developed a shopping cart module. During checkout, complex learning path discounts and discount codes are taken into account. Once the order process is successfully completed, processes are initiated in the CRM system to book inventory or generate invoices.

After registration for a course, the participant is automatically enrolled in the corresponding course in Moodle. Moodle is an open-source e-learning platform that has evolved over the years into a standard solution that is comparable to commercial solutions. Within the Moodle platform, teachers can prepare course materials and track the progress of participants.

Student portal: My Boerhaave

In addition to creating a website, we also developed a portal: My Boerhaave. Within this portal, learners can find information about their booked courses and payments. This data is retrieved from the CRM system and seamlessly displayed within the portal.

Integration with Moodle

From their personalized portal, students can navigate to the Moodle learning environment. The login process is simplified through the use of single sign-on, which means that logged-in students do not have to enter login credentials again, but are automatically logged in by the system. This provides a seamless experience.