Terms & Conditions

On all of our offers and agreements are the Processor agreements (consisting of the Data Pro Statement and the Standard Clauses for processing) and the NLDigital conditions of 2020 applicable.

The processing agreement and the terms and conditions can be downloaded on this page.

Processing agreement

A processing agreement is legally required when you as an organization (partly) outsource the processing to Novaware. This could for instance be data which Novaware is processing for your organization in a by Novaware developed application. 

The processing agreement of Novaware consists of:

  • Data Pro Statement
  • Standard Clauses for processing

If our standard processing agreement is not sufficient for the services or products which we provide for your organization, you can use the document: 'Specification personal data and involved' to align the processor agreement with Novaware 


For all questions about the AVG, the conclusion of a own Processing agreement or processing the personal data you can contact Martijn Maris via info@novaware.nl or 038-7114440.


Terms and Conditions