Smart web applications

Novaware is specialized in smart web applications. For instance in an online calculation tool or an application with information about sustainable employability of employees.

Ultimate experience

We develop smart web applications for different sectors, like education, healthcare and construction and infrastructure. It varies from tools in which you will get an insight in energy consumption up to and including tools to compile study guides. We realize online services that users can always use everywhere, whereby they can execute their tasks easily and clients can have a ultimate experience with your company.

Together with our clients we like to think about the realization of the applications that offer more intelligent services. That is customization. We develop tools which support business processes or unlock specific information completely customized. We develop with an aim on a specific return on investment. Think about efficiency, an increase in turn over or time saving. 

Sharing knowledge

It keeps being a challenge to stay up to date in the fast evolution of the technology and security. That is why we collect knowledge at trainings and events. The knowledge we gain, will be shared between ourselves during a knowledge session.