Extending the Backoffice

This one-day course focuses on improving the 'backside' of Umbraco. How do you give an editor the best possible user-experience in Umbraco? We will do this by e.g. new 'Content types' and building dashboards.

Learn just how powerful the Umbraco backoffice really is and how to extend it with new, custom features. This training learns you the usability best practices of Umbraco website architecture. So you can enable editors with the best possible experience. During this one-day course you learn how to extend the backoffice.

Who benefits from this course?

This one-day course is for frontend- and backend-devolpers who know Umbraco and want to extend the user interface for editors, and developers who preform custom tasks inside the Umbraco backoffice.

Umbraco Training Extending the Backoffice


What you should already know

Knowledge of html and javascript is required. Experience with AngularJS is an advantage. The course will go through small snippets of c# and .net code, but knowledge of Visual Studio is not required.


  • Backoffice overview and UX best practices
  • AngularJS introduction
  • Implementing your own editing component
  • Replacing editors, grids and lists with custom implementations
  • Custom applications, trees and editors


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Extend the functionality of the backoffice
  • Build advanced editor components in AngularJS
  • Learn the usability best practices for Umbraco website architecture
  • Leverage the many extension-points Umbraco offers for backoffice extension
  • Add completely new areas to the backoffice


After completing the course, your instructor will invite you to take the included certification test. The test is a multiple-choice test based on the topics that you’ve learned during the one-day course. You are required to get 80% of the questions correct to pass. When passed, you gain 50 certification points

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    Score: 9

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