MVC and Visual Studio

Work from a Visual Studio and learn how to communicate with Umbraco. Almost all of the subjects upon which you can pick up on in MVC Umbraco codes will swing by. In that way you will built controllers whereby you can use 'strongly typed models' in views.

Learn how to apply ASP.NET MVC patterns while working with routing, models, controllers and views in Visual Studio.

Who benefits from this course?

Backend developers who know their way around Visual Studio and understand the basic concept of .NET, C# and Umbraco, and who want to extend Umbraco with their own code.

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What you should already know

It is a benefit to have knowledge of the ASP.NET MVC patterns and Visual Studio.


  • Solution Setup in Visual Studio
  • Debugging
  • Strongly Typed Models
  • Custom Controllers
  • Hijacking the Umbraco request Pipeline
  • Building forms in Umbraco with MVC
  • Using Umbraco API’s to manage content and media
  • Best Practices


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Work with Umbraco in Visual Studio
  • Learn to apply MVC patterns and best practices with Umbraco
  • Build advanced MVC applications on top of Umbraco
  • Take advantage of Umbraco's support for advanced routing, models, controllers and views


After completing the course, your instructor will invite you to take the included certification test. The test is a multiple-choice test based on the topics that you’ve learned during the 1 day course. You are required to get 80% of the questions correct to pass. When passed, you gain 50 certification points.

  • Score: 8

    Score: 8

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    Certified Expert

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