Umbraco Content Training

Umbraco is friendly and powerful when it comes to working with content. But what are the best practices? And as an editor, how do you use Umbrcao CMS to the fullest? This training for content editors teaches you how to use Umbraco effectively as a content management system.

During the training day you will gain insight into the functioning of Umbraco CMS and discuss all parts of the content management system. Of course you will also start working with concrete assignments.

Goals of this training

  • Get thorough practical knowledge of the back office of Umbraco
  • Gain insight into the possibilities, structure and structure of Umbraco
  • Manage content according to the best practices for Umbraco
  • Learn tips & tricks so you can work quickly and easily

Subjects, among others

  • Umbraco CMS
  • User Management
  • Backoffice overview
  • Website structure
  • Content Editing
  • Media management
  • Umbraco Forms
  • Workflow, Tips & Tricks
  • SEO


Umbraco Content Training   € 495,00