400,000 websites worldwide with Umbraco!

There are currently 400,000 active Umbraco websites worldwide! When Umbraco came to existence in Denmark in 2003, the idea was never to become so big.

The idea was to develop a simple open source CMS that would make life easier for users.

Apparently that went well, because the interest in Umbraco continued to grow and more and more people started using and developing the open source project. And with that Umbraco grew into a full grown CMS with a global community and an active company. Nowadays Umbraco does have a strong ambition to grow. The goal for the end of 2021 is 1,000,000 live websites that run on Umbraco software.

Umbraco in figures

At this time there are 401,858 active Umbraco websites - as we write. Most of them are in the United States, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, and India. Countries with the fewest Umbraco websites are Cabo Verde, Curacao, Macao, Rwanda, and El Salvador. Umbraco is used in 198 countries.

The Umbraco community consists of 220,001 members. These are people who actively participate in the development of the CMS, for example by reporting bugs and issues, offering extensions, or asking or answering questions in the forum.

There are currently 1,098 extensions for Umbraco, of which 320 packages have been developed for Umbraco 7.

On to the 1,000,000 Umbraco websites! We are happy to work towards that goal! We build web applications in Umbraco. Novaware is a certified partner of Umbraco, and we train developers from the Benelux in official Umbraco trainings. We take part in DUUG, the Dutch Umbraco User Group, as one of the initiators. We are very excited about Umbraco and would like to convey our enthusiasm to colleagues and our customers.