Fundamentals training to 1 day

Over the past year a record number of developers followed the Umbraco training. That is amazing! This means that more and more developers will know how to use the Umbraco CMS successfully in their web projects.

Training Umbraco Fundamentals

Umbraco continuously keeps the quality of the training at the top level. And of course every new version of Umbraco also requires necessary adjustments of the content. 

The most recent change is quite thorough. The foundation training goes from 2 days back to 1 day. Because of the development of Umbraco it becomes increasingly possible to master the basic principles of the CMS quickly and efficiently. The training has recently been completely rewritten to teach developers to build in Umbraco with a modern approach.

Quality and assessment

Code reviews have become a central element of the training as part of the new course and in addition to the exam. All work done during the course will be assessed by a trainer and if necessary, you will receive feedback. This way you will learn how to apply the best practices of Umbraco development in practice, thus increasing the quality of Umbraco Certified Developers. 

Prices and points

The price remains the same  -  €1,195.00. You might think ‘how is that possible - the duration of the training has been halved’, right? There is a reason for it:

50% less time does not mean you are learning 50% less.
The basic course has been halved in time investment, but that does not mean that you will learn 50% less. Due to the new layout and structure of the course you will learn more in 1 day than before in 2 days!

The number of points does not change either - you will still earn 100 certification points for the basic training.

What does the training look like? Below is the content of the training in order:

Solution Setup
Getting started
Umbraco Cloud

Basic building blocks
Defining content with document types
Navigation and lists with Razor

Feature iterations
Enhancing the site with the image cropper
Building a news section
A macro-powered gallery

Strategies for nested content
Patterns for complex content structures

Rich content pages
Grid editor
Nested content