Legal Post Academic Education of LUMC

Around 2500 legal practitioners annually attend further education at the Legal Post Academic Education, a faculty of Leiden University. Novaware developed the website on which legal professionals can easily register for the courses offered.

Learning about Legal Fields.

The Legal Postgraduate Education of Leiden University provides around 200 courses annually for lawyers, notaries, judges, corporate and government lawyers. In the legal field, lifelong learning is essential. Leiden University is a provider of high-quality courses.

The website features a content section where (future) course participants can find a course and obtain more information about the Legal Postgraduate Education. The website was built using Umbraco CMS and has a solid integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Through this integration, course information can be managed within the CRM system and then automatically transferred to the website. During this project, we worked closely with Bend, a company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A special environment has been set up for course participants to consult course information. For booking courses, we have set up a registration process and developed a shopping cart module. During checkout, the (quite complex) learning path discount and application of various discount codes are taken into account.

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The environment for course participants is called MyJPAO. Here they can find information about the booked and attended courses, such as locations, speakers, and products. By smartly taking into account previously taken courses, the participant is also offered new courses.

Integration with Moodle

After registering for a course, the participant is fully automatically registered for the relevant course in Moodle. Moodle is an open-source e-learning platform that has evolved over the years into a standard solution that is comparable to commercial solutions. Within the Moodle platform, teachers prepare materials and can track the progress of participants.

If participants navigate from the personalized environment to Moodle, they do not have to log in again. Due to a single sign-on process between the systems, the participant does not need to log in again, providing a seamless experience.