Volandis app for workers in construction and infrastructure

Working safely on a construction site can be a challenge, because during construction you have to constantly consider all kinds of rules and changing situations. The Volandis app answers construction workers’ questions about safety.

Volandis is a knowledge and advice center for the construction and infrastructure sector in Harderwijk. They work on a flourishing building -and infrastructure sector in which employees in the construction industry work safely, enjoy their work, and look ahead in life. Because it turned out that construction workers regularly run into questions about how to work safely on the construction site, Volandis called on Novaware to develop a solution which would quickly and effectively answer these questions.

So Novaware developed the Volandis app. This app is specifically for employees on construction sites. The app provides answers to employees’ questions about safety. Think of questions about working on a scaffolding or working with toxic substances. In addition, the app gives an overview of the available apps about  safety, so employees have extra tools to work more safely.


A chatbot was developed to answer questions as quickly and well as possible. We set it up via the 'Dialogflow’ service. Machine learning is used to ensure that the chatbot learns and becomes smarter. This ensures that the chatbot can, for example, anticipate different questions.

A chatbot is not always infallible. That is why questions that the chatbot cannot immediately answer are stored in Umbraco CMS. Volandis employees can thus assess the question and still provide an answer. When the question has been answered, the employee who asked the question receives a push notification with the answer. And then of course the answer is added to the chatbot’s 'knowledge'.


The Xamarin cross-platform technique was used for the development of the Volandis app. This technique makes it possible to develop for Android and iOS at the same time. As a result the development of apps is accelerated and it is easier to maintain the projects. The performance is good, because Xamarin uses native components.